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Privacy Policy

This dynamically created website permits the placement of "cookies" and/or "web beacons" (or similar tracking technologies) to third-party advertising companies for the purpose of compiling anonymous website statistics and to serve targeted advertisements.

"Cookies" are small pieces of text stored by your local web browser. They are most often placed by websites to store site preferences and settings.
"Web Beacons" are devices that help websites to keep track of how their site is used and accessed. It is often a miniscule and transparent graphic image.

Neither technology records or stores any private data like names, personal addresses, email, phone/fax numbers or other personal details. They merely gather anonymized information about your visits to this and previous websites, which will allow the advertising partners to provide ads that are of relevance and interest to you.

You have a choice to opt out of the use of this information by third parties at any time. If you would like to have more information, you can find it for instance.













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